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I find if rules are explained, people will accept and follow them with less resistance. We do not ask anyone to agree with our rules but if you stay here we do ask you follow them; for the safety and happiness of all our guests.

Pool: Our outdoor pool opens on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We keep the temperature at 80 to 85 degrees. Our hot tub is kept at 104 degrees. We turn the heater on the pool heater off on the Tuesday following Labor Day. We keep the pool and hot tub open until the last weekend in September. Each guest must have a wristband to enter the pool area. Towels are provided at the front desk. Normal operating hours are from 10 am to 11 pm. We receive the right to close the pool if it becomes unsafe to swim due to weather, water chemistry or anything else that may be hazardous to the swimmers.

Pool Parties: We do allow CHILDREN’S pool parties with the rental of a hotel room. We have a maximum of 6 children per one room rented. If you have additional kids, each child would be $7.00. We use wristbands to control our pool area. This verifies that each person at the pool is a guest of our hotel. This helps us stop the people who rent one room and bring 25 of their closest friends for an afternoon of swimming.

Pet(s): We do NOT allow pets at our hotel.

Payment: You must have a major credit card and picture identification that matches to check into our hotel. We do not accept cash at check-in. This is for the security of the hotel, the room and its contents. We will accept cash but only at check out. Please note if you are using a debit card, we will authorize the total amount of your entire stay plus a $25.00 deposit. If you decide to pay cash at check-out please be aware the authorization will still be pending on your account until your bank removes it.

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