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Leave those cookie cutter franchises and experience the family operated difference of the Arbor Hotels!

I started doing the local guide to help answer common questions about Lubbock, but it has grown into something more personal. I noticed several hotel chains claiming to be your home away from home, but not telling you, the guest, anything about themselves. That is what makes us different. We want you to become part of our extended family. This is why we share personal information on the local guide and also on our Facebook page. If we do not tell you something that is dear to our heart, how can we ask you to be family? Let us show you how Arbor Inn and Suites treats our guests.

We upgraded our televisions to flat screens, and we also reupholstered all of our breakfast chairs. We will continue our hotel renovations as year 2016 progresses. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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